Chewa Proverb Collection

Maso aipitsa, kamwa likonza.
Eyes can make things look bad, but the mouth(taste) can correct that.
(The first appearance can put you off, but listen to his words, he may be a wise man.)
Proverb No 486 collected by Toon van Kessel
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Bemba Proverb Collection

Ubushiku bwat(w)ele ndema.
The night allowed the cripple to succeed. (There was a girl who refused all proposals of marriage, waiting for a `Mr. Right' with a very sweet voice. One fine day in the middle of the night 'Mr. Right' spoke to her. She fell in love with the voice and married him. It was only in the morning she discovered he was lame. Moral: don't act blindly, seek the light.)
Ukuba cali ifi: umwanakashi aletwanga sana, talefwaya kuupwa ku baume bonse aba tumona iyo; alefwaya akaume kantu umwine aleyelenganya mu calo ca mu mutwe wakwe, akashakamoneke, akeshiwi ilyaololoka Awe bushiku bumo icilema catula noku, calinga fye lilya kwafiita elyo caya ku kulansha uyu mayo. Cakwete ishiwi ilyaololoka nganshi. Umwanakashi alacankwa fye. Ulucelo pa kulolesha ninshi cipwile kale. Na nomba ici cibemba calola mukutila wilasala ifintu mu mfifi. Mu mfifi ni mu bwaice, tacawama ukusalila umulume atemwa umukashi mu bwaice, tawishibe ifyo akaba mailo. (from Stephen Mpashi)
Proverb No 1257 collected by Frank Carey
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New Perspectives on Mission

Author: Mark Nsanzurwimo. Date: December 2013. (PDF)

Revolutions in social communication also affect new approaches to mission. This paper, presented at the December FENZA conference, places new trends in mission theology within their historical contexts.

Here we are! 70 Years of Evangelisation and Social Concern (Regiment Parish)

Editor: Mark Nsanzurwimo. Date: August 2013. (PDF)

Regiment Parish has been the locus of innovative pastoral approaches in its history of 70 years that have affected the Catholic Church in Zambia at large. In this study and collection, authors place the pastoral innovations, including the first experiments with Small Christian Communities, into their historical contexts.


Dreams: Where do Biblical, Zambian, and Western Approaches Meet?

A must read for anyone interested in dream interpretation in Zambia.

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