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Chewa Proverb Collection

Suzumire adaphetsa mkhala-kale.
The bird that came late kept peeping around the corner, killed the others.
(Often the newcomers in the village make life difficult for the ones settled there already. One mistake brings many in difficulties.)
Proverb No 873 collected by Toon van Kessel
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Bemba Proverb Collection

Uwa cilonda, alya ubwali bumo.
The person with a wound eats the same food (as everybody else. There is nobody who does not need food, and there is no one with a right to special food particularly if there is nothing wrong with him.)
Umuntu nga alufyanya ninshi talekele kuba muntu. Akapatulula takawama. Na ifwe tuli bena cilubo nga bonse abamilandu. Ni ico batila, 'Canga baseka uwacelwa?.
Proverb No 1677 collected by Frank Carey
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New documents

Spirits and the healing of body and spirits: pastoral challenges

by Bernhard Udelhoven


Chakwela_makumbi_rainmaking _ceremony_of_the_Soli_-_a_faith_event

by Patrick Mumbi

Study edition of Unseen Worlds

Unseen Worlds is now available in a new study edition, a much abbreviated version of the original book, published for pastors and helpers to find a quick entry into the new pastoral approach of dealing with spirits, witchcraft and Satanism. It consists of the methodology and the case studies of the original work.

Silozi Bible

You can now access parts of the Silozi Bible online:

Bible in Silozi


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