Chewa Proverb Collection

Nsima ya mpongozi sasungira mlendo, ngakhale ya kwa mpongozi.
Do not give the nsima (food) of the motherinlaw to a visitor, even if the food was cooked (or sent) by the motherinlaw.
(Do not judge someone to whom you respect. Treat your inlaws with respect.)
Proverb No 782 collected by Toon van Kessel
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Bemba Proverb Collection

Bufundi tebwakutoola, bwakusambilila.
Skill is not just picked up, it has to be learnt.
Tabapyana butukushi kubafyashi; kano wasambililafye ilyo bacili abomi. Abantu bafumya amano kubayakwata.
Proverb No 230 collected by Frank Carey
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New Perspectives on Mission

Author: Mark Nsanzurwimo. Date: December 2013. (PDF)

Revolutions in social communication also affect new approaches to mission. This paper, presented at the December FENZA conference, places new trends in mission theology within their historical contexts.

Here we are! 70 Years of Evangelisation and Social Concern (Regiment Parish)

Editor: Mark Nsanzurwimo. Date: August 2013. (PDF)

Regiment Parish has been the locus of innovative pastoral approaches in its history of 70 years that have affected the Catholic Church in Zambia at large. In this study and collection, authors place the pastoral innovations, including the first experiments with Small Christian Communities, into their historical contexts.


Dreams: Where do Biblical, Zambian, and Western Approaches Meet?

A must read for anyone interested in dream interpretation in Zambia.

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