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Chewa Proverb Collection

Kutsutsa ngomwa nkuibvulira.
To contradict someone who is impotent you have to take off his clothes.
(Arguments do not lead anywhere, but do something to settle the argument.)
Proverb No 405 collected by Toon van Kessel
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Bemba Proverb Collection

Mwana mulima napona ne mikatile ububi.
The young bat fell for gripping badly. (Bats sleep hanging upside down from a branch or a roof.)
Umwana uwapusauka uushumfwa mafunde abafyashi bamufunda ayasuma, ayakwikalila mucaalo umutende, nga afwa abantu tabapapa nangu ukusunguka iyoo. Kuti batifye: eco alefwaya, kaafwe pantu tomfwa ifyo abantu balanda.
Proverb No 946 collected by Frank Carey
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Our Aim: Empowering Christians in Zambia to face the challenges of contemporary and traditional cultures with openness and to encounter people of different Christian denominations, contemporary religious movements and religions.

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