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FENZA, a place to study, stay, pray and rest!

Since its establishment in 2007, FENZA (Faith and Encounter Centre Zambia) has been a resource centre on faiths and cultures in Zambia. Its library offers excellent volumes on social, cultural and religious concerns. Every year hundreds of students and researchers within and outside Zambia make use of these special documents, in the library and through online consultation. The staff of FENZA are resource people and always available to help on social, cultural and religious matters. FENZA also offers unique initiation courses on Zambian cultures and language courses in Nyanja and Bemba. Since last year, FENZA has equipped itself with a hostel of 12 self-contained rooms, which provides very good accommodation for those who want to stay at FENZA while using the library or attending a course. Moreover, with this hostel it’s now possible to have a recollection/retreat or take some time off to rest at FENZA. Now FENZA is an ideal place to study, to stay and to pray.

FENZA HostelFenza Hostel b


Jodie from China, a M.A student at Oxford University, UK stayed with us at FENZA during her fieldwork. This is what she wrote about her stay and her experience at FENZA.

“My real experience in FENZA.
I’m a master student enrolled in the African Studies Centre, University of Oxford. Anxiously in preparation for my stay in Lusaka, I heard from a PhD student about FENZA who used to stay there during her fieldwork. Being not very confident at the first beginning, I wrote to the director of FENZA, Father Romaric, to ask about the price and conditions of each room. His initial response was very efficient and helpful, which confirmed the positive feedback from my friend.  Located in Bauleni, FENZA may not be as convenient as other lodges in central Lusaka in terms of travel distance, but its extraordinarily friendly staff and home-like rooms will soon eradicate your doubts of choosing to stay. Especially for those who want to enjoy a full-fledged Zambian experience during their travel, FENZA as the Catholic as well as the cultural centre will allow you to explore the dynamics of Zambia. If you happen to live together with other guests, either from the Missionary of Africa or other organisations, do not hesitate to exchange your ideas and stories whenever possible. Even for somebody like me who originally comes from China being non-religious, I highly appreciate its cosmopolitan environment to welcome people from outside.  In one word, stay in FENZA, and enjoy Zambia”.

Fenza chapel

Welcome to FENZA! To study, to stay, to pray and to rest!

Romaric Bationo, M.Afr

“A Resource for Missionary Renewal”

A resource for missionWhat a blessed time that was! At FENZA, from Tuesday to Thursday, 6 to 8 May, 20 Missionaries of Africa of all ages met for a wonderful conference animated by Fr. Bernard Ugeux M.Afr.
The topic of the 3-day conference was our Community life, with its challenges and its beauty, its failures and its unique witness.
Fr. Ugeux’s preparation was indeed very good, and there was not a dull moment, with the inputs, the group work and the times of prayer. Inspired by the inputs and group work, those times of prayer were indeed intense, particularly the closing liturgy of Thursday evening.
The topic of the first day was: ¨’Our missionary identity.’
The 2nd day was: ‘Living in a fraternal community’.
Then the 3rd day was: ‘Community celebration’.
In those sessions we rediscovered the great potential of our community living, international and intercultural as it is, to guide us in our mission and make of us true witnesses of the Gospel which we preach and serve.
Fr. Ugeux is now on his way to Malawi, then  Mozambique and South Africa for similar conferences, and we wish him God’s blessing on his journey.
On behalf of the FENZA group,
Robert Lavertu M.Afr.