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A refresher session for Bemba initiators took place at FENZA from the 13th – 16th January 2015.

At the invitation of the initiation team of FENZA and St Lawrence parish (Misisi), Ba na Kalyobwele (Lwisa Mukuka) and Ba Nakulu Peggy (Euphresia Bwalya) came to share their knowledge and understanding of Bemba initiation symbols with their Lusaka counterparts. The two initiators were assisted by Ms A. Bwalya (Kasama Archdiocese Family Promoter) and their adviser on Christian values (Fr Lafollie).

These leaders of the Kasama diocesan team, promoting a Christianised and modernised form of initiation, came to help their counterparts of Lusaka refresh their memory of the renewed rites and deepen their understanding of them. They also taught the local team how to make their imbusa. To make things realistic a young couple was initiated in the session, since part of the revised form is that both spouses are taught together what they have to live together.

The Lusaka team showed a lot interest and even asked for more.

By Fr. Lafollie.