9th FENZA Language Course Graduation

IMG_1703For 10 weeks, from the 17th August until 23rd October 2015, two Language courses were on the way at FENZA. The Bemba Course, with Mrs. Louisa Munjeri as Teacher had 4 regular students, plus 2 more students who had come in during the Course. The Nyanja Course, with Mrs. Nelly Phiri as Teacher had 2 regular students, plus 4 more students who came in during the Course.The closing of these two Courses required something special: a graduation ceremony. And this was well prepared from a long time. And so, on the last day of the courses, Friday 23rd October, at 10h, we all gathered in the Hall, with the FENZA staff, the teachers and all the students, including those who had started late. All of us wore a new T-Shirt, wearing at the back a meaningful inscription in either Nyanja or Bemba, according to our choice. It was a joyful occasion that was graced by the presence of two special visitors: Fr. Sergio Villasenor, Assistant of the M.Afr. General Council in Rome, who happened to be on a visit to Zambia, and Fr. Venerato Babaine, the newly chosen Zambia Sector Delegate, who came from Woodlands for the occasion. IMG_1710

The program included: Opening prayer by Fr. Romaric; Presentations of songs, plays, prayers, stories in Nyanja and in Bemba by the students themselves, according to which language they had studied; Presentation of Certificates by Fr. Venerato Babaine; A special, and delicious meal prepared by the staff of FENZA Hostel. We include here a few photos that were taken during the celebration, and remain as precious souvenirs of a great day for those who earned the Graduation Certificates, their teachers and those who organized the celebration. All those souvenirs help us to give praise to our God for the courses and their beautiful closing.