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In our operate we endure every one of the phases with the daily life cycle of making a mobile app and that i want to share our practical experience in such a subject. Down below is considered the tale about bases of mobile development: the selection of the system earlier than generation, putting in store as well as subsequent checking. So, let us begin our tale from Mobitech.

Trends. Exactly what are mobile cellphone house owners?

  • More than 50 percent (53%) use downloaded apps.
  • Approximately the identical sum (52%) by using mobile mobile stop by the sites.
  • Over a 3rd of folks (38%) use social networking sites from a mobile mobile phone.
  • A minor significantly less men and women, participate in video games (34%).
  • Approximately three-quarters of folks converse by means of mobile mobile phone (moreover phone calls): it could be SMS, a social networking app, fast messengers and so forth.

Statistics. What does one fork over money for?

If we glance in the data of profits of smartphones by running programs, we are going to begin to see the next:

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