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Chewa Proverb Collection

Kanthu kali ku cala.
Something is the pointing out of it.
(We learn about people and about things as it is told to us. Others tell us what our neighbours are like.)
Proverb No 284 collected by Toon van Kessel
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Bemba Proverb Collection

Uwauma nafyala, amumina limo.
The person who beats his mother-in-law gives her a thrashing once and for all. (He will never have the chance to quarrel with her again because the marriage will have ended there and then. So it is better that he gives her a real pounding. There are some misdemeanours that are so serious that there is no opportunity to repeat them. Also: better to be hung for a ram than for a lamb.)
Mu Cibemba nga waikatamo fye nokofyala panono ninshi wacito mulandu kuti bakupoko mukashi: nga wamumamo fye ulupi lumo, umukashi taukwete, nangu wamumamo shitatu, umukashi taukwete; kanshi pela mumishe fye umulopole, pantu nangu umunenekele umukashi tawakwate. Abati umuntu nga acita ico eshibe ukuti mulandu winewine no kumupanya tabamupanye, kanshi apele acicitishe fye, panishimenti ni ulya wine uwalembwa kale. (from Stephen Mpashi)
Proverb No 1723 collected by Frank Carey
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Spirits and the healing of body and spirits: pastoral challenges

by Bernhard Udelhoven


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by Patrick Mumbi

Study edition of Unseen Worlds

Unseen Worlds is now available in a new study edition, a much abbreviated version of the original book, published for pastors and helpers to find a quick entry into the new pastoral approach of dealing with spirits, witchcraft and Satanism. It consists of the methodology and the case studies of the original work.

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