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FENZA Library

Open Monday—Friday, 08:00—17:00 hours,
Saturday: 08:00—14:00 hours.
Closed on Sundays & public holidays.

Our library contains 7,600 volumes on anthropology, history, religions, African studies, ecumenism, missiology and Zambia. The library is subscribing to a number of journals relevant to its focus. It offers also online access to digital journals (JSTOR).

The library is for consultation only, not for borrowing. The membership fees for 2017 is 100 Kwacha (or 10 US$). There is an extra charge to access the e-resources. Photocopy and printing facilities are available at a cost.

Facilities of online access to academic journals through JSTOR, EBSCO and other platforms are available.

FENZA Archives

Most Catholic parishes of the Dioceses of Kasama, Mpika, Mansa and Chipata were founded by the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers). The archives at FENZA contain diaries of many Mission stations, some of them dating back 100 years and more. They provide a glimpse into the day to day living of people and missionaries, and also give eye-witness accounts of a number of key-events that marked Zambian history.

The archives contain also early publications, correspondence, private diaries, historical documents, notes and dictionaries of several Zambian languages, photos, drawings, newspaper cuttings, instructions of pastoral policies, reports, and a number of relevant but unpublished scholarly research works. A number of researchers have left to the archive also their field notes and other valuable materials.

The archives are for consultation only.

A fee will be asked for accessing the archives & an additional fee for using digital cameras. This is necessary to help us maintain the archives.

FENZA archive catalogue

This temporal archive catalogue can be downloaded. You may use the search function of MS-Word to browse through it. (MS Word.doc)

A guide to the FENZA archives

by Marja Hinfelaar & Giacomo Macola (MS Word.doc)